Get K-star K1032 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood to Keep Your Kitchen Odor Less

There is no alternative to a healthy kitchen to prepare nutritious and fresh meals. A most common problem about most kitchen is that, the more delicious meal you prepare the more bad smell produce because of the bacterial fermentation. For that reason, it is very necessary to keep your kitchen odorless if you want to maintain a fresh environment. Otherwise, because of bed smell it will become difficult for you to prepare meals with fresh mind. In addition, this will also increase the chance of food poisoning. This K-star K1032 30 inch under cabinet range hood is the solution to these problems because it will purify the kitchen air and eliminate the odor. As a result, your kitchen will always be fresh which will inspire you to cook something amazing every time.

K-star products are well known because of their high quality and affordable price range. This under cabinet range hood is not different from it. To give you best service, it has following features:

–        US & Canada certified, UL listed

–        Built with high quality stainless steel and brushed finishing

–        Air flow per minute is 860 cubic feet

–        Maximum noise production is only 64dba

–        Under cabinet mounted 30 inches, dimension is 30 x 19.7 inches

This under cabinet range hood has high exhausting capacity. The vent size is larger than the average range hoods with a 6 inch round duct exhaust. Airflow is 860 cfm which is more than enough to clear the odor within minutes. Because of the two 20W halogen light, you will be able to see what is going on. Lovely noise reduction technology, product only 46dBA noise which never exceeds 64dBA. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the noise it produce during operation. There are also speed switches and timer to give you total control over its function. Because of the brushed finish and stainless steel body, this K-star under cabinet range hood is resistant to rough handling and more durable. You will also get 10 years motor warranty and this cabinet range hoot is energy efficient too. So at the end, you will be able to save money on electricity bill if you use this range hood.

Ki-star under cabinet range hood have more power, better controls and easy to install in your kitchen. It works quietly and eliminate the kitchen odor completely.